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    Default Package Bees Without A Queen

    Question, first off if I have posted in the wrong forum, please forgive me and move this to where it belongs, what is the average price reduction for a package w/o a queen. For example; If a package sells for $100.00 w/queen then what should one expect to pay for the same size package w/no queen?

    Curious to hear your responses.

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    Default Re: Package Bees Without A Queen

    I'll take a stab at it - speculation on my part: In my area a package supplier is offering a 2 pound package for $69, and 3 pound package for $83. If you take out $25 for the queen, $5 for the box, $2 for the syrup (that last one is just pulling a number out of...), then for the 2 pound package that would be $18.50/pound, and for the 3 pound package it would be $17.00/pound.


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