I got a sample Nuc box from Jester Bee.

Today I got my chance to put it through it's
paces with a cut out.

I can only compare them to the Mann Lake
waxed cardboard Nucs.

The EZ Nuc is well worth the extra $3.00 with out a

Much better frame rests.

Much better frame fit.

Ventilation is superb.

Nice space over top bars for pollen patties.

Nice entrance that can be closed down (no
plastic plug to buy and lose).

Lid is hinged and that makes it really convenient.

Heavy duty. This should stand up and out live
5 cardboard nucs.

Only complaint..... The slot above the entrance
will let bees leak. It is designed to hold the entrance
door up, but don't forget to tape it shut on transport.

In short, at this point I won't use anything else.
When my Mann Lake cardboard ones are gone,
nothing but Jesters EZ Nuc.

I will update this regarding wear and weathering.

Jester EZ Nuc