Hi All

We installed a new package of bees on April 2nd and they are happy and building comb and bringing in pollen.. Right now they are working on building comb on three of the bars in the back third of the hive and I assume they would be building brood comb. We've read that it's best to have the brood comb in the front third of the hive close to the entrance. Our question is, can/should be move the bars that they are now building comb on toward the front of the hive so they will build the brood comb there instead of the back of the hive. If so would we move the three bars all the way to the front at once or move it a few inches at a time.

Our hive is 36 inches long and the bars are all 1 3/8 inches in width. Maybe I should replace the front 1 3/8 inch bars (those without comb) with 1 1/4 inch bars to better encourage brood comb building.

Thanks in advance for your response.

Steve & Jeannie