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    Default Whats happening?

    I haven't seen this for myself, so details will be posted tomorrow.

    My friend tells me that the bees are dragging larvae out of their hive, he said that there was about 20 larvae by the hive entrance. What could cause this? And off subject, is there like a sticky or thread that shows all the bee diseases/viruses and common symptoms?

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    Default Re: Whats happening?

    The brood was diseased, chilled, or a threat to the hive health. I talk about diseases at or in Spanish at

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    Default Re: Whats happening?

    It could actually be a good thing. Bees with the hygienic behavior trait seem to be able to detect problems with the brood, including mite infestation. They then take the infected brood from the hive and dispose of it. This trait dramatically reduces the mite population and reduces the occurrence of some diseases.

    Do you know if your friend bought mite resistant queens? If so, they're probably doing their job.

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