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    Default small black german queens or nucs

    Anybody out there still have any or know who does. My dad use to have them on the farm in the 40's and 50's and he told how mean they were, but how much honey they made because they worked so hard. We found some before mites come threw but never got any. I remember them as being about 2/3 the size of Italians and being solid black on the abdoman, no gray bands like carcasians have. I know their hot or mean but so are the africanized. I would like to put in a secluded yard and see how they do with varroa mites since they are smaller cell. Maybe graph off the queens.

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    Default Re: small black german queens or nucs

    I have a few hives that produce a mix of solid black and black-grey striped bees. I will be grafting from them later this spring/summer and trying to increase the numbers of black bees. They are a little more aggressive than the yellower bees, but not nearly like AHB.
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