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    Default Youth and Beekeeping

    I am an Eagle Scout and Former Leader. Even if the BSA doesn't re-instate the Badge. It doesn't mean that we as Beekeepers cannot do something on our own. Take the old requirements and update them as a group. Have some bookets and patches made. They don't have to be Merit Badge size. They could be the size of camp badges two to three inches wide. Scouts collect, trade, wear on Patch Jackets all sorts of patches. Local clubs could be the contact for Youth mentoring of Beekeeping, using the Updated requirments. When any youth boy girl scout 4h-er, et all... had an interest in Beekeeping the club would provide a mentor, a requirments book with references and requirements, and when those were met the patch. Patches and booklets are not all that expensive in bulk once designed and the first one is made. Given all the Beeks out there who might like a nice patch that could be used on their beesuit, hat, jacket, or anything else as far as that goes they wouldn't go to waste. Once they were designed and made I cannot imagine that the major players in the Bee Keeping Supply industry wouldn't be willing to add them to their inventory and catalogs.

    How about some of those of you that are Artists create some ideas for a Patch and One of the Moderators create a Patch Thread for the images to be put on for all to see. Create a pollafter there are a bunch, Vote on one, Someone belly up to the bar and order a run of em and see how they sell.

    The Booklet could be created and posted online to print off as a start and if there ends up being a lot of interest in a Pre Printed version have a release of copyright so they can go to any local Print shop and have a nicer version done. Or Just print and sell next to the Patches.

    Just my Two Cents.


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    Default Re: Youth and Beekeeping

    There are many other 'scouting' type groups out there. Why not try working with some of them to adopt a beekeeping program? If nothing else, it can give some 'competitive' pressure to BSA, showing them that kids have other options besides them.

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    Default Re: Youth and Beekeeping

    I absolutely agree -- the most important thing is to get more young people exposed to beekeeping.

    However, right now, there is a particular kid who is pushing this particular effort, so this is what we are striving for at the moment. My thought is that a focused, concentrated effort led by an actual young person is likely to be more effective than doing a bunch of different things at once.

    Christopher plans to make his submissions to BSA this summer, at which time the merit badge campaign will wind down.

    For the moment, if you support this effort, please go sign the on-line petition and pledge to act as a mentor (if you would agree to do that) and try to get your beekeeping club to get on board (if applicable).

    Sending an email or message to your contacts/friends is very effective for getting people to sign the petition and to generally call attention to beekeeping. I did that and got a bunch of people to sign the petition that are not involved in beekeeping. Also had a friend who is not a beekeeper ask to go on a hive inspection.


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    Default Re: Youth and Beekeeping

    I had a young man contact me a few years ago wanting to do it but he never called me to do it. Iwas going to give him the bee's and help w/ what I could. Dont know if the folks or what stopped the fun? too bad I was excited to see a young one interested like I was when I was young!

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    Default Re: Youth and Beekeeping

    I think it's fine to try to get the BSA to re-instate their badge for beekeeping. However, I don't think that should preclude from initiating other opportunities in other places at the same time.

    I never was a boy scout, never cared about the boy scouts. I do care about keeping bees alive and healthy.

    I advocate any youth group or conservation group to establish bee clubs or projects that will allow youth and anyone else who would like to, an opportunity to work with honey bees.

    To that end, in my area, I have teamed up with a local conservation forest to create a bee yard that focuses on honey bee conservation and provides space to re-locate honey bees I remove from private properties.

    A Forest Bee Club has been started and members of all ages of the forest membership are welcome to be part of the project and work with the honey bees.

    So, if there is no youth group or one isn't able to get a permit to keep bees on their property or they simply can't afford to purchase all that goes along with beekeeping, they are able to get involved regardless with this project.

    If I can do this, I am willing to bet a lot of others can too.

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    No, I am NOT a bee "Keeper". Anything I post is just my opinion. Take it easy and think for yourself.


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