Hello Everyone,
Recently Ive started reading about bee keeping and have become very interested in it all. Im thinking about just starting with two brood boxes and establishing two hives and maybe purchase a couple supers at the same time? I am 17 and have never been to a bee keeper in my area before but there most be bee keepers around here. We have some of the mildest winters anywhere around here in Central California (we only froze here i think 8 times this winter and those times were only down to 28 degrees or so) and we have more flowering plants, trees, and victory gardens than you could count in a year. I was thinking about getting italian bees because that seems to be what most people recommend for a starter strain of bees. Would Italians be okay? What about the size of the comb. I understand that there are different sizes and it seems like a lot of people like the small cell but what would be best for me? Ive been reading a lot on this site and I will continue too and any information anyone would like to give me would be greatly appreciated.

I am also a pigeon racer, so I understand about keeping neighbors informed and happy with my hobbies. If they let me keep 50 pigeons in my back yard hopefully they wont mind a hive or two of bees buzzing around. especially if I kick down some honey.