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Thread: EZ Smoker Liner

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    Default EZ Smoker Liner

    Cut a piece of hardware cloth about 5 X 16 inches.

    Create pleats about every two inches by bending it and hammering flat, then clamp the crimp 1/4" down into a vise or Workmate and bend the free ends out straight. Repeat 6 or 8 times.

    Roll into a tube and stuff into the smoker so that the fins hold the tube away from the smoker walls.

    Tried it out today and it stays lit much better...

    (I had a piece of old real heavy screen which hopefully will last a while; the light stuff we are using for SBB's might not last well.)

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    Default Re: EZ Smoker Liner

    a tin can poked full of holes (sides and bottom) and three "flaps" bent out to center it works well and keeps the smoker cool too. good luck,mike
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