I purchased a case of plastic 1 pound bottles to sell honey in. These are rather attractive to the eye where they have hexagonal bee cells on their sides with a wide top.

I have kept my bottling tank at about 90 degrees and some of the honey that I put into my bottles have started crystalizing.

So I use the old heat up the water trick on a pot on the stove - once it gets to boiling, I remove the pot from the burner and then set my plastic jars of honey within them, which does the trick of removing the crystalization.

However the down side is that it warps/misshapes my plastic bottles. Does anyone else have this problem. It almost looks like a defect in the manufacturer process to a point that once I empty out my plastic stock that i would go to glass.

Now, I could set my temperature up in my bottling tank to be higher. But then I got to thinking that if I had these plastic bottles of honey already on the shelf, then I would need to use the hot water approach and I would have warped bottles.