Anyone tried Maple?

I've googled a few recipes and haven't come across my experiment yet.

I started a 5 gal batch with 13 lbs of clover honey, pack of energizer and the remainder is about 25 brix maple sap...( sap 1/2 boiled down to syrup), 1122 yeast.

I didn't take a OG reading, mostly because i started the batch at 2 1/2 gallons because i didn't have enough sap and didn't want my sap to spoil. Later got some sap from a local syrup maker to top up.

Any predictions on how it will taste?

I'm sure it's going to have a maple flavor, just a Qn of how much. Most of my meads i use about 16 lbs of honey , the unknown is how much equivilant suger was in 5 gal of 25 brix syrup?

Any takers to figure that one out?