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    Default Howdy (tippin hat) From Northern Utah

    Thought I'd introduce myself since i've been reading threads here for about a month or so.

    My Name is Rodney, This will be my first year as a Beek, I have two colonies of Carniolans Ordered for pickup in late April. I'm gonna try my hand at Organic beekeeping, Not because I enjoy huggin trees or anything, using less chemicals and letting the bees do what they do naturally just makes more sense to me. I chose the Moniker (user name) Honey Bull a few years ago, not because I was interested in beekeeping at the time however. Instead I was brewing homebrew ales with local honey added, in addition to mead. I called my Honey Amber ale "HoneyBull" and I guess the name still sticks and fits with me. Anyway i'm Ramblin...

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    Default Re: Howdy (tippin hat) From Northern Utah

    A government large enough to provide everything you need is strong enough to take everything you have. T. Jefferson

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    Default Re: Howdy (tippin hat) From Northern Utah

    Welcome, naturally best!


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