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Thread: Adding supers

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    Default Adding supers

    What is the general consensus when adding supers. First super is 3/4 full not being capped as of yet. Should I
    add empty foundation on top or add between brood box and first super or does it matter. Just wondering what everyone does.


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    Default Re: Adding supers

    Here is what I do- I can't say that it is technically "right", but it seems to work for me. Once my super is 75% full (not necessarily capped- they will cap it when it is ready but they will need more space for nectar soon) I take the empty frames from the outside and move then to the center and rotate the full frames to the outside ends. Otherwise my bees will never complete the outside frames. I also add another super on top. I do know of beeks that always super underneath the full supers and immediately above the brood nest- they say the bees fill up the supers more quickly that way. But I think it just makes it more difficult to check on how full the supers are.

    This works for me with just a few hives. If I had more I would probably just throw supers on top and not worry about rearranging frames, there wouldn't be time. That is one of the benefits of being a hobbyist I guess

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    Default Re: Adding supers

    I use the same method as when adding new brood boxes. Once they are about 75% drawn out I add another box right on top. They will move up when the need it. I don't like to separate the the honey with an empty box because of SHB. Besides the super get heavy can't see any reason to pick them up any more than necessary. If you have boxes of drawn comb you can add two at time.


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