I feel the same trembles writing to you folks that I use to get opening a hive without gloves or veil. I have no idea what is going to happen.....and it could be bad. For ten years I raised my Italian ladies in a large back yard (ten hives) filled with sunflowers and clover. I even built an observation hive to bring to the kids in local schools. Unfortunately I fell over dead in 2003 and only a quad bypass could bring me back. Today I'm healthier than I ever was but all my hives and supplies have disappeared one way or another, so I'm a newbee again. Decided I'd build an observation hive this year (since it's so late in our season) and a few little white castles next year. I still have a workshop and cut my own furniture. I'm seventy now and real lazy, but very grateful also. Glad to find the Bee Source for new friends. (And I promise to lurke, not talk.)