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    Default Beekeeping Merit Badge Petition

    Dear Supporter of this Campaign,

    We need to let BSA know, as early and often as possible, that there is great support among the public and beekeeping community for Christopher's request that BSA reinstate the beeekeeping merit badge.


    Here is a form Petition that you can print and use almost anywhere:

    Some ideas for where to post this Petition include:

    1. At your local beekeeping meeting;

    2. At any demonstrations or presentations that you make that relate to bees or beekeeping;

    3. In your place of business;

    4. Anywhere else that seems to make sense.

    I would like to see this form taken to every bee club in the United States and Canada. This Petition should also be displayed prominently in every bee supply company in North America. If you are a customer of such a business, please take this to the business and explain the situation and request that they use it.

    Thanks for your support,

    Christopher Stowell and Neil V.

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    Default Re: Beekeeping Merit Badge Petition

    I have printed the petition and will present it to our club Sunday.

    I have also printed the for the public and the Scouts, I will ask the club members to sign the petition list and on the 27th we will hold our first class for this year at the Scout Cabin in Hebron,In and I hope to make contact with some of the powers to bee in the Portor County In Scouts.

    Also this week our club will be presenting Beekeeping to the Lake County In 4-H Fun Fair and I will see if I can make contact with any Scouts there.
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