hello. my name is matt and im 33 years old. i built my own hive and captured a swarm to place into it. unfortunately they didnt make it throught the winter because i believe they didnt have enough time to stock up for winter being as i caught them late summer in southwest virginia. but it was enough to get me hooked and i am now mesmerized by bees. i am currently unemployed and have decided that this is what i want to do for the rest of my life. my previous job was as a Budweiser delivery man. at times i pushed 55 gallon kegs up to 3 blocks just to get them through the door at virginia tech. i also calculated that i once delivered 18 tons of beer in a single day by myself, so i know what hard work is. if anyone can help me get a job in beekeeping so that i could learn more it would be much appreciated. i have 700 bucks in my pocket and am willing to move anywhere. ive filled out numerous applications on the internet but havent heard back. i have no transportation of my own, but thats a setback ill overcome. i have a class A cdl also with some driving experience if that helps. thanks for your time. my email is rigamurow@gmail.com