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    Default Possible low-effort, low-mess honey extraction idea.

    Reading over various crush and strain methods, I think I've come up with my own. It's probably half-baked and ill informed, but let's throw it out there and see if we can refine it:

    1) Obtain a large stock pot, drill a hole in the side near the bottom, and install a metal water tap. I'm thinking the kind used on the exterior of houses used for garden houses.

    2) Remove capped comb from frames, put in pot. I think such a pot would just about hold about 1 medium super's worth of comb.

    3) Put lid on pot, place pot on a hot plate plate set to low, in the hot sun for a few hours. I believe the honey and wax should liquefy, and wax should float to the top.

    4) Use the tap to fill mason jars with honey until honey runs out, and wax starts to flow out. Then start filling wax molds with the wax coming out.

    When finished, just rinse the stockpot out, or throw in the dishwasher, and you're done.

    What does everyone think of this idea?
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