DeeAnna, what on earth are you going to do with the answer to this question? If he did use HBH, does that mean to you that treatment free doesn't work? What about his hives? Were they made in some natural manner with absolutely no trace of 'unnatural' method (I assure you that they were not, unless a tree grew them)? What about the hive stand? If they are cement blocks, does that detract from the 'I do not treat for mites' methodology in you mind?

Heh. What about your grass? Do you cut it with a mower? That's certainly not 'free of treatment'. Did you have someone transport your hive/package/nuc with a horse? I hope it wasn't fed with bailed hay (at least not bailed by something running on fossil fuels.)

Understand the point. Otherwise you spend you life missing the forest for the trees.