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    Default Was splitting this top bar hive a good idea ?

    My top bar hive swarmed last Saturday. The hive was booming and I didnt even realize that it was that crowded in there. Anyway, I inspected it 3 days after it swarmed and found 7 queen cells that were capped. I didnt want one queen to be born and kill all the others or have the hive throw an after swarm. I split the hive yesterday by putting 3 bars of comb on the other side of the follower board. I basically split the queen cells in half and left 4 on the origonal side and moved 3 on the other side. I looked in today and about $75 of the bees I moved are still there. So I think I will shake a few bees back in to make sure theres enough to cover the brood and forage. Has anyone ever done this ? My idea is, in case the queen that ends up in the original hive doesnt get mated or dissapears or whatever, Ill at least double my chances of getting a mated queen by splitting them temporarily. Ill either have a backup if they both get mated, and can requeen a weak hive, or I can leave them split and see if they both build good and get an extra hive out of it.

    There's pictures of before and after the swarm on my blog post, if you want to look before you give an opinion.
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    Default Re: Was splitting this top bar hive a good idea ?

    As long as they aren't too weak they should do fine.
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