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Thread: Wax Moth ?

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    Question Wax Moth ?

    The question is timing. Last year (after some reading) I set out two baited traps for wax moths-yellow jackets-and other nasties. As suggested: used a 2 liter pop bottle- hole at base of top neck (quarter size) with one part each water-sugar-vinigar and banna peals. Dang thing worked GREAT killed a bunch of bad bee things and NO bees.

    The bees are flying now (after a misserable winter in NW Ohio) 3 of 6 hives so far active.

    Since the bees are out, should I put out the traps now or wait a bit?
    Last year I put them out in late April or early June after reading about them.

    Any input would be helpfull.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Wax Moth ?

    I would wait...the nasties are not out for yellow jackets, they don't build up until, no hurry yet


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