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    Default Ligurian Queens.

    Looking for some Ligurian Italians to modify a local strain of buckfast. Pm me, in the unlikely event you know what I'm talking about and or have access to them.

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    Default Re: Ligurian Queens.

    You're having trouble finding Italians?

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    Default Re: Ligurian Queens.

    This supplier hopes to be offering them NEXT year. From the website:


    Available for special order (October 2010) - Import ETA Spring 2011.

    The Northern Italian a.k.a The Ligurian - (Apis mellifera ligurica)

    The Ligurian bee line originates from northern Italy near the Ligurian Alps. Cities in this area include Bologna, Genova, Milano and Torino. This rare line is no longer present in most of the world. Its pure form is found in only one location, Kangaroo Island of South Australia, where it has been preserved since 1884. The local government passed laws to make the entire island a Ligurian bee sanctuary.

    You may have already read that the Ligurian bee was a major factor in the Buckfast creation, and distant grand parent to today's Buckfast. It is a suggestable addition to any Buckfast mating yard to maintain genetic diversity and original genetic design.

    It is my hope to offer this stock in 2011.

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    Default Re: Ligurian Queens.

    yup. thats the one. Would be interesting to run a yard of IIs for a year and see how they handle.


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