I have a few quick questions in regards to some observation hives/frames:

1) I am a science teacher, can I bring in just a few frames of a hive to have my students look at it, instead of installing an entire observation hive? It would be for only a day, and then could return the frame(s) that night to the hive. The biggest thing is noooooo escaping bees. Sealed, and vented, but no escaping bees! Have a great image in my mind of me diving across desks like some action movie, epipen in hand, to stab some ballooning student in the leg.

2) If it IS possible to just show one frame, then is there a certain amount of time it can be safely away from hive? Provided they have food/water.

3) Should or shouldn't I try to bring the queen? Or will the remaininng bees see and abscent queen and start gearing for queen cells?

4) If I bring partially filled honey cells and provide them with honey or whatever food source, will it keep the bees busy, or are they just gonna go nuts with nothing to do and no escape for 8 hours?

Of course questions 2-4 assume you can bring a few frames with a few bees and no escape for 8 hours, otherwise disregard.

Hope for some good input, thanks.