I have the opportunity to trap out a colony of bees that are established in a pine tree about four feet off the ground. The tree is about 20 feet from the property owners house. The tree is 6 feet 4 in circumference. They arrived there last spring. The entrance is in a crack 12 inches long and 3 inches wide at the widest point. I checked them this morning and could hear them buzzing. Assuming that they make it to spring I'll set up the hardwire cone and a trap out hive next to them. I hear that the economics of trapping out do not make it worthwhile, but I'm going to do it for fun. I understand the whole process may take 2 months. I have seen posts and done searches on here, but I have a question.
Question 1) Do you always have to seed the trap out with a frame of nurse bees and eggs, or can you use a frame of nurse bees and a caged queen with candy plug, or even a frame containing queen cells that you got started in my home yard? I'm thinking a caged queen would be up and going before a frame of eggs. I understand the feral colony's queen will kill a queen that is loose in a newly placed trap out.
Question 2) The size of the trap out. Does it make any difference if you use a 10 frame deep or a 5 frame box?
Thanks, Adrian.