We did it! We are now 10,000+ members strong. Passing the 100 member mark back in 2000 was exciting, and then climbing to 1,000 members less than a year later. I never had expectations of the membership getting to over 10,000. "Timmy's mom" is the 10,000th member of our beekeeping forums. Welcome aboard! See the photo from 2/4/2010.

Some members of Beesource decided to celebrate this milestone by collectively putting together a gift for Timmy's mom. Actually, after contacting Timmy's mom, it's really Timothy who is the beekeeper. Mom is the advocate. A $155 gift certificate was purchased from Blue Sky Bee Supply (http://www.blueskybeesupply.com), a Beesource cap and bee jacket w/veil was added, and Blue Sky donated a hive tool and smoker!

We want to thank Timmy's mom for being supportive of Timothy's interest in beekeeping. From their website:

"The apiary has become a reality for our son, Timothy. Timothy has dreamed, studied, and enjoyed the honeybee for many years. Since he was five years old he would sit in the apple trees during the honey flow and watch as his bee friends were hard at work. At the young age of nine, he is responsible for the honey hives here at Covenant Ranch. He does an excellent job learning from others and applying that wisdom to our hives. We are excited to enjoy the honey crop these hard working, farm friends bring to us here at Covenant Ranch."