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    Default Dead bee hive cleaup?

    Found two of my three hives full of dead bees appears to be starvation. What steps do you take to clean up the frames and reuse the comb?

    I am thinking about brushing off majority of dead bees then placing in freezer for a week to kill any mites or potential wax moth larva.

    What about the bees still head first i the comb? Wont they mold or rot in the comb?

    Please advise?

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    Default Re: Dead bee hive cleaup?

    Sounds like a plan.... If you try a tap or two on the frames you might dislodge some but it's not worth the trouble and you might break some of the wax cells. Let the new bees do the work. You won't recognize the frames a day or two after you put a new swarm in. OMTCW


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