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    Default Looking for used equip in Monroe NC

    Hello all!

    Igot my first two hives last year and really want to grow but dont have the budget to get all the new equipment I want.

    If anyone knows of some used equipment for sale in the Monroe or Charlotte area please let me know. Thanks!


    bmaddex AT

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    Default Re: Looking for used equip in Monroe NC

    Hey man, I have some used and I build some cheap stuff PM me what you need. A ways from you though. Come my way, and Ill show you my setup.

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    Default Re: Looking for used equip in Monroe NC

    Years ago when I was young and struggling to save a buck, I put a simple ad in one of those free "Dollar Stretchers," or "Thrifty Nickel" type newspapers they give away at the gas station and grocery stores. The ad cost $10 and simply said, "Wanted: Used Beekeeping equipment. Any condition. Call xxx-xxxx

    I got a number of responses, mostly from retired old men who once kept bees and put the hives away in the shed after the mites/moths got them. Many of the hives and frames were full of mice nests and wax moth webbing. Some was homemade equipment, nothing but orphans as they didn't fit conventional frames. A bunch was junk, and in every situation I had to buy the whole lot rather than cherry pick it.

    I got some good deals, but in the long run, with the stuff I burned or spent way too much time fixing, I would have been better off to buy new. Still, it was an adventure and I don't regret it one bit.

    More power to ya! I love nothing more than an enterprising young person with a passion to succeed. All the best,

    Jackson, MO
    Beekeeping With Twenty-five Hives:

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    Default Re: Looking for used equip in Monroe NC

    Old pallets are an excellent source of hive wood.


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