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Thread: Clover question

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    Waited a couple days to see if anyone else made the following comments-don't enjoy fussing with this keyboard.
    Crimson is very dark nectar, while other clovers are quite light. It dosn't take much dark honey to pull the aggregate color down in a hurry. Try a drop of ink in a glass of water, then see how much water it takes to make it clear again. Locally, country folks know that dark honey can be better than light, but in the city they think honey is supposed to be light colored and it will sit on the grocery shelf for a long time. Two different years when my aggegate was very dark, bought Dakota light by the drum to bring the color up. With 2 to 1 light it was possible to bring the dark honey up to almost acceptable. Still dark, though.

    Cotten honey is very light but granulates rapidly. My bees ignore cotton,but 40 miles south of me they can get cotton honey. Wish I knew why.


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    Very helpful BB and Walt, thanks. I got Kim Flottums (sp?) Honey Handbook a few months back and so now I am all jazzed up over different doing something about it may take a few more years...or maybe never. So far, I've had no problem selling the just "local wildflower" honey, but didn't have much to sell to begin with (50lbs or so). Maybe best to just focus on building up a strong opperation first.
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