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    Default an Ohho situation

    So what seemed like a good idea at the time...putting spun cappings in a 45 gallon drum...turned into an ohno, what to do situation. I was going through my mind, and having help from the chat room and hubby, hubby and i set out on a plan to extract the frozen block of cappings from the drum. The first drum took nearly an hour to accomplish. The second and third were done in 20 minutes each. An hubby gave his thumbs up on doing it again! In this motion picture, no animals were harmed, no honey houses burnt down...these are good things...

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    Default Re: an Ohho situation

    You really thought you were going to pound that frozen mass out of the barrel?

    Great video!
    Regards, Barry

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    Default Re: an Ohho situation

    that was fun to WATCH, next time i would try a silver tarp, might get enough reflective heat from the sun to warm it enough that you won't need the blow torch. oh wait you get about as much sun as we do, better keep the blow torch. dog looked like it had a smile on its face
    mike syracuse ny
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