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    Default Hello all, Just started.

    I'm real new here. I live in Connecticut. Not sure which bee hive or how big would be the best to buy. All suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Welcome, this forum has plenty of advice. There are several choices based more on your lifting ability. Ten frame with a deep brood super, ten frame with two medium supers, eight frame with one deep or two medium supers; listed heaviest to lightest per super. Ten frame hives are most common. The weight difference of each frame is almost insignificant. It is the total weight of the super and frames full of honey that will become the limiting factor. I tell my couples or families that they can move supers frame by frame if weight is the deciding issue. I have students from 8 to 80 and it worked last year at our hands-on classes. I have a few pictures for reference at

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    Default Re: Hello all, Just started.

    Hi Gordon,

    Welcome to Beesource. I'm sure you'll find this to be a great source of information on bees and beekeeping. Be sure to check out the "How to Start Beekeeping" subforum - there are threads of recommendations/suggestions on most of the basics.

    Also, check your local library for books & videos on beekeeping. Winter is a good time to learn.

    Most importantly, get involved with a local bee club. Clubs often offer beginning beekeeping classes, and are great places to find mentors and get connected with local beeks. Much of beekeeping is location-specific, so the locals are your best source of info for what works best in your area. Check these out:


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