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    Default Running single 8 frame deep for honey production

    Does anyone use a single 8 frame deep with Queen excluder for honey production. Other then swarm managment any other pros and cons. I'm looking at making a large increase and removing the second deep off the hive letting the bees raise a queen and keep this up to the point I want to stop increasing. 85% of my hives are in all mediums but converting over to 8 frame deeps. In the past we never used a queen excluder. Please share your experince running singles. Are they strong enough for good honey production? We are running close to 165 hives now and would like advise from someone that runs close to this number of hives or more. I'm located in southeast Georgia on the Florida - Georgia Stateline. Our winters are very mild and for the most part early spring build up is decent.....

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    Default Re: Running single 8 frame deep for honey production

    I think it could be done with an excluder. Not sure how well it would work. It would take alot of frame manipulation. I can see advantages. I can also see potential swarm problems if not visited with strict regularity. PM me for details of my suggestions.


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    Default Re: Running single 8 frame deep for honey production

    As I got to 8 frame equipment I am using a high and med brood. Since I have comb, I can now put a Q excluder between the 2 brood boxes (High/Med) and the honey supers. I plan on making all of my supers medium 7 frame. It will allow me to take my comb farther when creating new honey supers with a trade off of 10 to 7 or 9 to 7.

    It also allows me to do the same on my high 10 frame boxes. I gain 2 frames everytime I move from 10 to 8 frame equipment. Again, that allows me extra growth for splits, nucs, swarms, etc. because the bees will now have to start with 100% foundation/foundationless frames. Queens can start laying immediately and the workers have some room to put pollen and nectar until more frames have comb built.

    At least that's my plan. With the losses I took this year on swarms, packages, 1 nuc, and cutouts I have the benefit of the comb. Something I didn't have these last 2 years. (Going into my 3rd year.)
    De Colores,

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    Default Re: Running single 8 frame deep for honey production

    I would say you should read, The Comb Honey Book, by Richard Taylor. You may not want to make comb honey, but I think his methods would help.


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