hello everyone.

my name is calvin, people call me "warbuk", located out in hodges SC.

i hang out on a few forums, so i searched for a bee forum and this one popped up and looked pretty active. read the rules and the site is just like others i frequent. hope yall don't mind me hanging around.

my dad and I had 5 large hives when i was a kid, moving forced the forfeit of them. i have been thinking quietly about starting up again over the past few years, then other day my oldest boy (13) mentioned it.

so, i called my dad up, he located and gave me his books (from late 70's early 80's) the prices on hives back in the day is a shocker compared to now lol.

my son, dad and I are going to get started this spring. i ordered one hive this morning (1 brood, 1 super) to get started. i was going to put in an order for bees but after calling around some yesterday, i ran across a lady with a swarm in her lake house. i plan to take them around the 1st of april. my dad and I did this a few times when i was young and we had great success with it, so we are going to try that again. just got to hope they are clean. time will tell.

it's been 27 years since i fooled with honey bees. i have no fear of bees and welcome the challenge of doing it again. i've been looking thru here and reading dads old books the past few days. i'm sure i still have some catching up to do on bee life.

i will try not to ask stupid questions and i know how to search haha.

i will have to be careful with my pic sizes tho