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Now he wants me to change the Squeak part and think about selling things other than honey. I told him that I wasn't making enuf profit and this is what he comes up w/. I did also say that I didn't think that I could raise my prices 25% to make the profit that I would like to have.
My buddy owned a a building supply store and when the economy started heading south he hired a "pro" to come in and consult him on increasing his profit margin. The "pro's" advice was for him to diversify and cut out the middle man, buy a portable sawmill and start milling his dimensional lumber himself.

He looked at him and asked if he knew what kiln dried and graded meant in the building supply business? Then informed him he didn't need his services any longer.

I think shortening the name isn't a bad idea. But use a graphic to advertise what you sell... A picture is worth a thousand words