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    I have seen inner covers made two diffrent ways- which is better, or does it matter? One the board is in a dado centered of frame (like beesource plans) and the second way the main board is offset in the frame such that it isbasicly flat on on side of the inner cover (like Kelley's)

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    Brushy Mt.s are flat on the down side and 1/4" recess on the top side.

    Some are 1/8" recess on one side and 1/4" recess on the other.

    A flat inner cover on the down side will leave, if the frames are not propolized, a theoretical 1/4" beespace. This is minimal. if there is propolis on the frame rests and ears of the frames, it can shrink below that minimum. A 1/8" recess is the maximum beespace, and as it shrinks from popolis it will be in the center of proper beespace. But, of course, it's more difficult to make. I just quit using them and went to a top entrance cover like this:
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    I use inner covers just a tad smaller then the inside of the super and it works for me - no more comb in the lid.
    About top entrances - I assume you don't use queen excluders? In our subtropical climate I would have brood mixed throughout the hive. Bees never really stop working here.

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    we are nearly neighbors kyfarmer. i use top entrances and no inner covers. seems to work fine. good luck,mike
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