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    Question MountainCamp or Johansson Method?

    The book "Some Important Operations in Bee Management" by T.S.K. and M.P. Johansson published by the IBRA in 1978 mentions pouring dry sugar on newspaper, sitting on topbars (p.87).

    I believe "dickm" was the first to use the term "MountainCamp Method" in this thread in 2004:

    If the technique is being debated/criticized, perhaps "MountainCamp" would prefer that we call it the "Johansson Method".
    Trying to think inside the box...

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    Default Re: MountainCamp or Johansson Method?

    Any method of beekeeping can be debated or criticized. If it works for Mountaincamp, he probably don’t care.
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    Default Re: MountainCamp or Johansson Method?

    Alfred Russell Wallace actually formulated the central principles of the theory of evolution well before Darwin, during his studies of mammals in southeast Asian archipelagos.

    Upon his return to England from his voyage on the H.M.S. Beagle, Darwin asked Wallace to delay publication in order that he could organize his own (independent but fundamentally same) ideas, promising to publish the work jointly, and then scooped him.

    That is why we call it Darwin's Theory of Evolution and not Wallace's Theory of Evolution now.

    Similarly, Alfred Wegener formulated and presented the Theory of Plate Tectonics in 1912 - he was ridiculed as insane.

    Of course, this is not to suggest that 'dickm' had any such ill intent, only that sometimes life just ain't fair.

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    Default Re: MountainCamp or Johansson Method?

    The same thing happened in queen rearing methods...
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