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    Default Air Nailer - Stapler

    I currently build all my equipment using hand tools, however I want to speed things up a bit without losing quality. I do not know what size nails and staples to use with an air nailer and therefore do not know what type and size nailer - stapler I need to buy.

    Can I get one nailer stapler that will work for hive bodies and frames? If not what type of nailer do I need for the hive bodies and what type and size nailer - stapler would I need for the frames?


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    You're likely to get a wide range of opinions on this. I still build my boxes the old fashioned way...hammer and nails.
    For frames I use a narrow crown stapler and an 18ga brad nailer. All joints get glue. 1in narrow crowns for the top bar and 1in brads in the bottom bar. I tried to use the narrow crowns on the bottom bars but they seemed to damage too many bottoms. Since the bottom bar doesn't really have much stress or load the brads/glue work fine.
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