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    Default Re: 2010 winter mortality rates?

    Mike from Syracuse-
    Sounds like you know more about NC than I do. I just re-read one of Randy Oliver's articles and he stated that unusual brood rearing was a symptom in Spain.
    This year was the first time that I had high spore counts during summer and that was only in 1/2 of the yards that were tested.

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    Default Re: 2010 winter mortality rates?

    I took the advice of Jean-marc and brought my bees in to be tested. The first test they do is for nosema. He explianed to me that they do not do the genetic test to determine wether it is NC or NA because the most prevalent form of nosema is NC and the NA is becoming rare (Here in the valley anyway, I'm not sure if that means nationwide as well). I brought the bees in in the morning and by the afternoon he phoned with the good news that there was no nosema in my bees. I asked him what the count was, I was thinking it must be rather small to be considered none at all and he said that the count was zero (A big ol pat on the back for me )

    Next test are going to be for the Kashmir bee virus and IAPV and I'm awaiting word on that. If those test come back negative I'm going to have a party and your all invited.
    Will Gruenwald Chilliwack BC

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