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    Default beesource observation hive

    This weekend I built the observation hive using the plans from this site. Made it in oak and was very pleased with the finished product. My question is about the upper vent holes. When the top is shut they are plugged off. I was thinking about drill them through the top or should I just tilt the top open in very warm weather. I will be putting it in my office which has good AC in the summer stays low 70s in the winter. These plans do have 3 vent holes running up each of the sides. maybe this will provide enough venting

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    Default Re: beesource observation hive

    I followed the plans exactly and the ventilation has been just fine.

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    I jusr built the same thing, completed yesterday, but iwent with Pine this time. I nailed the top board to the very top piece and then drilled the ones in the top too and then covered with metal meshing. Looks like it will be great!!!
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