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    Default Re: Plywood for lids and Bottoms

    copper287: I am also VERY curious about vinyl flooring on top of ply for lids. It seems like this could be great as if you left a inch or a few inches overhang, it would naturally curl over and provide extra rain protection/ (shade?) But it would flex out of the way so you could still pack hives together for moving/ etc

    -Do you see mold build up on the edges etc or anything like that. I am curious because here in the pnw it seems like it could be more of a problem

    ANY INSIGHT you can give as to how long it will hold up for out in the weather... and what kind of adhesive you use to glue it on... would be very much appreciated

    In fact it could be useful over the tongue and groove lids I have that are to me completely useless due to leaking as Joel mentions above

    Kingfisher: I would not want to staple it on personally (due to letting water in) but sure thing staples would go through it. I would imagine "sheet flooring adhesive" but there may be something avaliable that would hold up better to the weather. Vinyl flooring is what you probably have in your kitchen unless you have tile.

    Actually Linoleum (used to be the standard not so common? but still avail) has been replaced by Vinyl but most people would still call it "Linoleum flooring"


    As to original question I have lots of different lids the ones I like best are 3/4 ply with a cleat (board) on the bottom edge on both ends. flat top. In parts of the country I have seen 1/2 ply cut to the size of a hivebody as pretty much standard commercial equipment. It will warp and 3/4 will warp, but usually not to the point where it is unusable
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