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    Default A true "Santa" story...

    This happened one summer many years back, while visiting my mother in Delaware...

    We were all out for breakfast at a Perkins Pancake House and my girls started to say that a man at another table looked like Santa. Both of my girls were beyond the age of believing in Santa Claus but it was true that the man really looked like a "Santa" in street clothes.

    Anyway, when we were walking back to our car we saw a minivan with "S Claus" on the license plate!

    That was so cool!
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    Default Re: A true "Santa" story...

    We have a gentleman working in the Paint Dept at the Home Depot store up here who could easily be Jolly Ole St Nick himself. His Full Snow White Beard and Thick Snow White Hair. All he needs is a red suit and 8 tiny reindeer.


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