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    Default Hello from South Texas

    My user name is my name. Years ago I kept a few hives of bees and helped another fellow out with his. He had about 100 hives that he kept specializing in Guajillo Honey. That was what I kept my hives for was that one flow each year. The honey was for my own use and we used a lot of it in those days. With the Africanization thing I got out of the Hobby. Plus, after being stung a "bunch" of times one day I developed an allergic reaction to stings. I carry an "extractor" in my truck and if stung take benadryl immediately. I am part owner of a ranch in Live Oak County Texas and we have a large number of acres of guajillo on the place. I have considered getting a few hives to gather the Guajillo flow but don't want to deal with the medical part.

    Hope you guys don't mind if I hang around and glean some info.


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    Welcome Alan. Lots of good info here. Many TX beeks here too. Good luck getting back into keeping.
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    Welcome to beesource!!


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