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    Default Hello from Texas...

    Hello yall,

    I am a self employed guy from the hill country. We have been blessed to live in this area for the last 14 years with my wife and 3 kids. I signed up on your forum to ask a question and gain some knowledge if ya don't mind.
    Should I ask my question here ?


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    Default Re: Hello from Texas...

    newbee...welcome to the forum. I'm out in west texas near Lubbock. Do you have bees yet? If you want to ask a question go to the forum list and post your question under what you think is the right category....for example, beginners questions best asked under beekeeping 101.

    Lots of good folks on the forum and lots of great info. Good luck.
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    Hi Rob and welcome to the board.
    You can ask your question on the forum that best describes your question, this board is just to introduce yourself. I am sure there will be someone who can answer it, there are a lot of very experienced knowledgeable beekeepers here.
    Again welcome and question away!

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    Default Re: Hello from Texas...

    welcome to the forum
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