Hello, Seems like this is the place to talk about the bees. I've been reading a lot of the Great Information generated from this site. Glad i found ya all. I've been keeping bees for a year now. After studying up on the bees,The bee club I'm in got the chance last year to purchase hives from an almond producer. I got four and also bought one package. So I jumped into the hobby quickly and having a blast. It's great help nurture something that has been giving to me since birth. It's also nice to reap the rewards..."The Honey". Last year I also retrieved two swarms. My six hives are nice and strong. I hope to split at least three in the spring. Maybe find a few swarms to. I will have 10 to 12 hives by summer. Look forward to meeting everybody and exchanging info....Bee...on..and on.
Take Care from.......Matt