Thank you all for your answers on the other thread , I think what I am going to do is have 2 warres , doing one in a traditional langstroth method of mangment ( supering etc ) and another according to the warre book so to say . The more reading im doing i guesse im softning more towards a warre esque style , but i want to compare and just see for myself .

I do have another question though , in pretty much all the plans I have seen for the warre hive they all have whats called the quilt and a roof of some sort . I noticed I think its was Bwrangler who had his concept on his site for a warre and it looked like there was only a migratory cover on top and no quilt or roof .

What are yalls thoughts on that as far as feasability . I live in central texas ( Killeen/Ft. Hood area were it is warm and hot most the year( my wife who is from Korea says we just have 4 variations of summer instead of 4 seasons . Would I be better going ahead and making the quilt and roof or does it in yalls mind make that much of a differance ?

thank you again