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Mike T.,
Gene Brandi has been saying he has been seeing problems in melons treated with neonicotinoids.
What have you seen or heard?
I was told a few years ago if stopped at the bug stations for Small hive beetle you could enter Madera county if you agreed to treat for beetles. True?
Is Kermin in Madera county?
I have not heard about the neonicotinoids, last year was the first time heading to the melons, although me bee's did get sprayed but it wasn't the melon grower, I'm positive that it came from a cotton grower two miles east of the melons, I never got a phone call and my bee's where registard, fresno county ag comissioner said that if it was over1.5 miles the grower didn't have to notify me, I checked the distances as the crow flies it was exactly 2 miles. I asked if they would change their policy to two miles but the response was not to my favor luckily i recouped and as of last monday my bee's are still looking good after the orange bloom i typicaly run to the mountains to make mountain honey. as to the hive beetles that would be a good question for the ag comissioners office, (559)-675-7876 is their number. Kerman is just inside fresno county about 30 mins sw of me.