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    Default How many man hours per hive?

    For regular maintenance - maintaining equipment, feeding, medicating, requeening, inspecting - and not counting harvesting or processing honey, or loading, unloading, driving to outyards or moving hives - how many man hours per hive per year does it take for a commercial beekeeper to keep things rolling? I'm curious, because I was trying to figure it out for myself, and it seems to be a good bit less than I would have expected 2-3 hours per hive I think. I need to keep better records though. I can say for sure though that it's a LOT less than when I started with one hive.
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    Default Re: How many man hours per hive?

    I believe this has been posted a few times. Try a search of the forums for full thread. I'll sum it up for you however. Basically it depends on so many factors it's hard to say. To name a few, the size of the operation, your work ethic, what things you determine to be important enough to put time into it.


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