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    Default New Member in Roswell NM help moving bees

    Hello I am new to working with bees.
    Is there any way to get honey bees that have made a hive on the side of a house down and into a hive? I have been able to get a hive and I have been reading up on how to care for them but none of the book’s cover getting a wild hive I guess this is what you would call it. I was able to take pictures of it. It is about the size of a basketball and it has nine rows of honey comb. Can each row of honey comb be cut off of the eve of the roof from looking at the pictures it looks like that is the only spot that attached at the top. Can the rows of honey comb be placed in a frame or would it be better to have the bottom brooder all set up with frames that have beeswax foundation on them? As the honey comb is taken down place the bees in the bottom brooder. It is cold in the morning would this be a good time of day to move them?

    If any one can help I would be so grateful
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    Here is some reading about traping OH by the way welcome to Beesource
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