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    Default 2-tone crystalization, reason?

    In my darker honeys I often get 2 color tones of crystalization, darker and lighter, looking quite lovely, like marble. But why? Different honey sources? Air?

    Also, when my blackberry honey crystalizes up here in the mountains (Pacific Northwest), it is quite smooth with small crystals, but I have had some purchasers tell me that in Seattle it crystalizes in larger crystals. Why? Addition of air on reopening by the consumer? Damper in Seattle than at Mt. Baker (hard to believe right now).

    I don't filter the honey if that helps with figuring out the "whys".

    Any input would be very welcome. Thank you

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    Default Re: 2-tone crystalization, reason?

    I could go into a long description. But the short answer is in its chemical and physical distribution being uneven. Some areas crystalize smaller, but large crystals often take off faster throughout the honey. Research more on creaming honey and you'll find more of the answer.


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