Okay so the votives are coming out of the tins better. I reduced the pour temp to 153 or so.
Problem is the pour lines are really distinctive. I have tried about 160 - and they seem to still stick in the cup, or the flare seems to pull away from the candle
Any suggestions
i am topping up about 3 or so times to get the nice flare.
the first pour is at the temp stated and fill the cup 1/2 to 2/3 full. Then get the temp on the wx a bit hotter, about 170- 175 and pour again to the flare out. Then a bit more to top off incase of shrinkage

The part at 170, has a nice smooth finish on the sides, the first part you can see the pour lines...and if i am real lucky, the second and first part separate causing me to toss the candle into the melting pot again

...help please and thanks