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    Default Regular Yeast vs Brewers Yeast

    What is the difference between regular "bread" yeast that you buy at the grocery store and Brewers yeast? Can you use regular yeast in pollen supplements or does it have to be brewers yeast?


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    Default Re: Regular Yeast vs Brewers Yeast

    the two are very very different. do not use bread yeast. do not use nutritional yeast which the health food stores will tell you is a lot like brewers yeast. Brewer's yeast can be found in the health food vitamin section - mine came in a big can - it is expensive. It tastes great in cereal, so you can add it to your pollen patties for the bees and to your cereal for your own good health. Good luck!

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    Default Re: Regular Yeast vs Brewers Yeast

    Your local brew pub throws away extra brewers yeast as it is produced in making beer. Check with them for it. I get mine free and I know it's fresh unlike what you may buy in the heath food store.
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