Okay, almost a year ago i wrote about my votives driving me crazy. Not coming out of the molds, and cracking off the nice fluted edge.
I solved the problem! Actually y'all solved the problem, I solved how i got myself into the problem!
the block has been lifted and left the building with Elvis...lol
i got to making candles again and dang it if it was not working again. I was thinking God just wanted me to quit this business.
So online i went, searched again. Found a forum where John and sheri post on about candles and there were more people who had the same prob.
The consenses was the wax was to hot.
So off to the drawning board again. Realizing that i had a show in a couple of days, I had to figure out problem quickly. Any how got side tracked, and towards the end of the evening decided to pour one votive at the recommended temp. It worked! I wrote down the directions of temps in my book so as to not forget.

Any how when i first started a couple of years ago, i was pouring really nice votives, no problems. i could not figure out what changed.

Today I did.

I had bought a candle melting thermometer at a craft store. bought a few actually. As i was using them, i noticed inside the therometer there was temps for pouring in different molds. Metal molds was 185-200 F
There was my dumb mistake, listening to the therometer.

thought this info might help someone else. Any how thanks for the help back then when i had a wax melt down.

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