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    Default Cheap *Ghetto* BeeVac

    I have an observation hive in my house (two of them actually), and occasionally they tend to get loose. It happens. But the wife and the dog don't really appreciate it too much if they get out.

    So I usually use this to capture the little guys: It doesn't hurt them at all. They get caught up inside and then I can dump them back into the hive when I open it up, or just let them free outside.

    Just a thought, didn't know if anyone else had done this before.

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    Default Re: Cheap *Ghetto* BeeVac

    There is a article in an older ABJ or BC that made one simular to that. Same vac but they retro fitted a jar to the bottom. I think it was made to suck up a small amout to do a mite check. Pretty cool and simple.
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